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General guidelines about how the wiki is organized.

EoI Wiki organization

There are individual entries for all

A note about privacy and IP

Concert performances should always be publicly accessible, as well as the scores for those performances and other research materials.

Behind-the-scenes information such as rehearsals, or any other details that may reveal personal information are to be restricted from public access.

Annotation / tagging

Essentially, what the process of tagging or coding should do is provide useful clues about what participants consider important, and how they talk about it. Besides the obvious (who, where, when), annotations/tags should strive to capture unspoken concepts and assumptions about the music.

- Logistics: when / where / who / what instrument
- Identify salient topics and direction of the discussion
- Track the informal and formal ways musicians refer to various works: formal / informal titles
- Follow specific performance directions associated with works: ideas that help to qualify or conceptualize passages, as well as other performance directives.

Pages should contain as many ways of cross-referencing as possible via semantic annotation. Results can then be presented as queries in a List format.

Video pages

Footage from rehearsal sessions as well as public performances should be divided into contextual chunks containing 1. The piece itself, and 2. Parts of the discussion that most saliently describe the direction the piece is taking

Edited videos will be accompanied by an analytical synopsis describing what takes place in the clip, outlining the major decisions taken during the course of the rehearsal, any salient points, and if need be, brief transcripts accompanied by a time reference (i.e. between 1min30sec and 5min performers discuss tempo changes to piece).

Edited videos will display the name of the piece at the very beginning together with the date and location of the rehearsal, then briefly display on-screen the name of each participant the first time they speak.

Each edited video will have its own wiki page, on which the clip will be tagged with musicians, instruments, collaborators, researchers (where applicable), piece name, rehearsal date / place, piece descriptors (if applicable)

A semantic cross-referencing system should then dynamically link and present connections between the various tags.

Page formatting

Each page should be accompanied by a high-res image to make it more user-friendly. See #Basic_formatting for how to properly format text.

Compositions pages

Category:Compositions pages will have an image (.jpg) of the score as well as a .pdf link to the full composition (requires composer's permission). A future archiving task is to include in this wiki versions of pieces already recorded under different names.

Compositions pages must contain a History of Performances, a list detailing a performance by version, name, date, musicians, link (if available).

History of Perfomances
Performance date 1 (Composition name, if different at that time)
Participating performers
link to media (if available)
Performance date 2
Participating performers

Getting started

Basic formatting

File management

Use the Upload file link from the sidebar. For more on managing files, see Uploading and managing files.

Gallery of new files - If you just uploaded one, you will see it here.

File list - Shows all of the files.

Unused files - Helps you track down files which might not be needed.

Changing a Page Title

Inevitably, during the course of creating and updating this resource, page titles will need to be updated, reorganized, combined with or split into other pages. Here's how:

Click on the MORE tab at the top of the page and choose MOVE from the drop down menu. You would be redirected to a new page where you may change the title of the page by filling out the New title field.

Special pages

The Special Pages is where you can access settings and administer the entire site. Among them:

Mainpage, and its decription Mainpage-description


More resources

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.