Interviews with Sandeep Bhagwati

On Trans-traditional Composition
Interview with Jieun Kang for LARA Gugak Magazine Korea, March 14, 2016

In this interview, Sandeep Bhagwati talks about how his biography lead him into trans-traditional composition.

  1. Interview_JieunKang_03_2016 (PDF)

On Ensemble Extrakte (German)
Interview with Nina Polaschegg at Radial System 5, November 14, 2014

In this interview, Sandeep recalls the origins of ensemble extrakte and explains its working methods.

  1. Interview_Bhagwati [KORR]_faithful_extrakte 2014 (PDF)

Monologues, dialogues, debates and quarrels on the number of voices in music (German)
A series of four 1 hour radio essays with many musical examples

2006, SWR Public Radio in Baden Baden

  1. Bhagwati_SWR06_1Monologe (PDF)
  2. Bhagwati_SWR06_2Gespräche (PDF)
  3. Bhagwati_SWR06_3Debatten (PDF)
  4. Bhagwati_SWR06_4Tumulte (PDF)

Questions by the Ensemble Modern (German)
Ensemble Modern Magazine, January 2003

In this interview, Sandeep Bhagwati speaks about his identity as a composer of contemporary music at the turn of the Millennium.

  1. InterviewBhagwati (PDF)

Broadcasts by Sandeep Bhagwati

Vom Tönen der Welt (Sounding the World)
A series of five 1 hour radio essays with many musical examples (German)

1. What does music have to do with sound?
2. Music is connected to noise
3. The poetics of air
4. Your music my music
5. Theres a song that sleeps in all things

Broadcasts with Sandeep Bhagwati

Zeit Ton Extended (German)
August 2, 2014

In this 2 hour broadcast on Austrian Public Radio ORF, Sandeep discusses his intertraditional approach in the context of several composers. Hosts are Nina Polaschegg and Christian Utz.

Portrait Sandeep Bhagwati (German)
June 2, 2014, Radio Pi Berlin

In this hour long broadcast, Sandeep Bhagwati discusses various aspects of his work and research. Hosts are Florian Neuner and Sebastian Kiefer.

Musik Kommentiert, Jean Sibelius (German)
June 3, 2010, SWR Public Radio Stuttgart

In this hour long broadcast, Sandeep Bhagwati talks about Sibelius 7th Symphony. Host Hans Peter Jahn.