Tuesday, May 22

Performer Lab: Animated Notations Interpretation Workshop, directed by Terri Hron
MB 8.265, MB 8.255, Concordia

Wednesday, May 23

Performer Lab
MB 8.265, MB8.255, Concordia

Thursday, May 24

McGill – CIRMMT Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music and Music Technology

McGill University, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building
527 Rue Sherbrooke West, Montréal, QC H3A 1E3
Performer Lab
MB 8.265, MB8.255, Concordia

Notation Software Workshop I: Georg Hajdu, MaxScore
CIRMMT 6th floor, A-607, McGill

Conference Registration
CIRMMT 8th floor Reception, McGill

Opening Remarks: Sandeep Bhagwati, Dominique Fober
CIRMMT A-832, McGill

Session I: Listening
CIRMMT A-832, McGill
– Mattias Sköld
Combining Sound- and Pitch-Based Notation for Teaching and Composition
– Pierre Couprie
Methods and Tools for Transcribing Electroacoustic Music
– Jonathan Bell
Audiovisual Scores and Parts Synchronized Over the Web
Sandeep Bhagwati
Elaborate Audio Scores: Concepts, Affordances and Tools

Keynote I: Cat Hope (Melbourne)
CIRMMT A-832, McGill

Session II: Comprovisation
CIRMMT A-832, McGill
– Giovanni Santini
LINEAR (Live-generated Interface and Notation Environment in Augmented Reality)
Vincent Goudard
John, the Semi-Conductor: A Tool for Comprovisation
Kevin Gironnay
Exploring with ILÉA Ensemble: Shaping Freedom in Improvised Music
Pedro Louzeiro
Improving Sight-Reading Skills through Dynamic Notation — the Case of Comprovisador
Slavko Zagorac and Patricia Alessandrini
ZScore: A Distributed System For Integrated Mixed Music Composition and Performance

Concert I: CLOrk & Friends
Tanna Schulich Hall, McGill
– Karlheinz Essl
more or less
Kristina Warren
Listening Not Guaranteed
Justin Yang
Musicmobile I
Amy Brandon
Hidden Motive

Friday, May 25

UQÀM (Université de Quebec à Montréal)

Pavillion of Biological Sciences, Hexagram UQAM
141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy, Montréal, QC H2X 3X8

Performer Lab
MB 8.265, MB 8.255, Concordia

Notation Software Workshop II: Daniele Ghisi, An Introduction to the bach Software Family
Salle d’Experimentation SB-4125, UQAM

Conference Registration
Reception Hexagram, UQAM

Keynote II: Elliot Sharp (New York)
Salle d’Experimentation SB-4125, UQAM

Session III: Music Representation and Analysis
Salle d’Experimentation SB-4125, UQAM
– Dan O’Connor and Lindsay Vickery
Towards a Notation for Trumpet Valve Rotation
– Francesco Foscarin, David Fiala, Florent Jacquemart, Philippe Rigaux and Virginie Thion
Gioqoso, an On-line Quality Assessment Tool for Music Notation
Katerina Kosta, Oscar Bandtlow and Elaine Chew
MazurkaBL: Score-aligned Loudness, Beat, Expressive Markings Data for 2000 Chopin Mazurka Recordings
Mark Asmar, Talar Atéchian, Sylvaine Leblond Martin and Nidaa Abou Mrad
Traditional Modal Monodies Generative Grammar Encoding in the Music Encoding Initiative
– Mathieu Giraud, Richard Groult and Emmanuel Leguy
Dezrann, a Web Framework to Share Music Analysis

Concert II matralab / ILEA
Dance Black Box MB 7.265, Concordia
– Nicholas Ryan
Etude(s) for Sibelius Notation software
Elisabeth Schimana
Virus for Percussion
Georg Hajdu
Swan Song
Ryan Ross Smith
Study No. 38
Kevin Gironnay/Ensemble ILEA
Sandeep Bhagwati
Silence Not Absence

Official Conference Dinner
Conference Center MB 9th floor, Concordia

Saturday, May 26

Concordia University

Concordia University, MB Building, Conference Centre (9th floor)
1450 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3H 1J5

Conference Registration
Conference Center MB 9th floor, Concordia

Session IV: Notation Tools
Conference Center MB 9th floor, Concordia
– Rama Gottfried & Jean Bresson
Symbolist: An Open Authoring Environment for User-Defined Symbolic Notation
Samuel Hunt, Thomas Mitchell & Chris Nash
A Cognitive Dimensions Approach for the Design of an Interactive Generative Score Editor
Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisi
Pitches in bach
Georg Hajdu & Nick Didkovsky
MaxScore: Recent Developments
Daniele Ghisi and Carlos Agon
dada: Non-Standard User Interfaces for Computer-Aided Composition in Max

Concert III: Performer Lab, directed by Terri Hron
Dance Black Box MB 7.265, Concordia
– Sebastian Adams / Carl Ludwig Hübsch
Jonathan Bell
and the sea
Sandeep Bhagwati
Rives & Dérives III
jef chippewa
something like this but not this and not that either

Keynote III: Valarie Williams (Columbus, Ohio)
Conference Center, MB 9th floor, Concordia

Session V: Shapes
Conference Center, MB 9th floor, Concordia
– Cat Hope & Lindsay Vickery
Tenor 2019 Australia – Preview
Bertrand Merlier
Space Notation in Electroacoustic Music: From Gestures to Signs
Lindsay Vickery
Some Approaches to Representing Sound with Colour and Shape
Jason Noble
Removing the Imaginary Boundary between Score and Work: Interactive Geometrical Notation
David Kim-Boyle
Reframing the Listening Experience Through the Projected Score

Session VI: Scoring
Conference Center, MB 9th floor, Concordia
– Christian Klinkenberg
A Combination of Graphic Notation and Microtonal Pitch Notation in the Video Score of the Opera “The Cross of the Engaged”
Cat Hope, Aaron Wyatt and Daniel Thorpe
Scoring an Animated Notation Opera — The Decibel Score Player and the Role of the Digital Copyist in ‘Speechless’
Aaron Finbloom
Scoring for Conversation

Open Discussion
Conference Center, MB 9th floor, Concordia

Concert IV: Ensemble Supermusique
Dance Black Box, MB 7.265, Concordia
– Cat Hope
The Post Truth Pleasure Garden (2018 – premiere)
Ciaran Frame
Joane Hétu / Manon de Pauw
D’un geste de la main
Danielle Palardy-Roger
Acouphènes en partage
Marta Tiesenga