Farhan Sabbagh

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Farhan Sabbagh

Born in Syria, Farhan Sabbagh is one of the few remaining oud virtuosos. He is also a composer and a master of Arabic percussion. He studied music and composition with his father and great-uncle, in Damascus and Cairo. In 1981 he was invited by the International Institute for Traditional Music (UNO) to present Arabic music in Europe. Since then he has lived in Berlin and participates in various projects with international musicians and ensembles. Professional musicians continue to train with him. He looks back on many concert tours worldwide and numerous international LPs and CDs. For more information, check out his website: www.farhansabbagh.de

Farhan contributes to EoI in Berlin.

Compositions associated with Farhan Sabbagh:

Videos appearances on EoI

Christians piece 20170912 Berlin rehearsal
Glagolitic script 20171010 Berlin Discussion
Monikas Gedicht 20170912 Berlin Rehearsal
Sandeeps Piece 20170912 Berlin Rehearsal
Steine 20171010 Berlin Rehearsal
Tongues of Stone 20170912 Berlin Rehearsal
Zungenalphabet 20171205 Berlin Rehearsal
Zungenbrecher 20171010 Berlin Discussion
Zungenbrecher 20171207 Berlin Rehearsal
Zungenlied 20171010 Berlin Rehearsal1
Zungenpositionen 20170912 Berlin Rehearsal
Zungenpositionen 20171207 Berlin Rehearsal