Ji-eun Kang

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Ji-eun Kang

Haegeum player KANG Ji-eun is a Haegeum soloist who has a wide range of repertoire varying from Korean traditional music to contemporary music.

She studied at the National Gugak Middle school and High school and graduated from Seoul National University's School of Korean Music and Graduate School of the same university.

During her college years, she was a member of the Seoul Youth Gugak Orchestra and after then she become a member of the Korean music project group Be-being.

She was active as a standing member of the Busan National Gugak Center and Master of Jongmyo Jeryeak (Royal ancestral ritual and music at Jongmyo Shrine), Important Intangible Cultural Heritage 1. She was also an instructor at the National Gugak Middle School, Busan Arts High School.

KANG Ji-eun has played Heageum concertos with Busan National Gugak Center, Ensemble TIMF, Seoul Central Symphony Orchestra and so on. She has performed numerous festivals such as the Pina Baush Festival, Kolkata Internationl Music Festival, Tongyeong International Music Festival.

In 2011-2012, she was appointed as a Young Art Frontier by the Arts Council Korea. She later released her albums HEAGEUM PIECES(2013) and THE WIND CROSSING A PASS(2015).

In 2015, she expanded her musical range to contemporary music through a residency program in Berlin, Germany.

She is an active Haegeum performer who continues to broaden her musical capacity while striving to stay true to traditions while stimulating creativity at the same time.

Ji-eun contributes to EoI in Berlin.

Compositions associated with Ji-eun Kang:

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