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Soeren Birke

Sören Birke (born in Stralsund in 1966) is a cultural and theatre scholar, cultural manager, managing partner of the Consense Society for the Promotion of Culture mbH in the Kulturbrauerei Berlin und Musiker. In 1982, he began self-taught as a blues harmonica player. He has also plays cello, Jew's Harp, and Duduk. Since 1983 he has been traveling in Germany, USA, Australia, Poland and Armenia as a live musician at significant festivals and with well-known musicians. He worked and performed with Gerd Conradt, Spiridon Schischigin, Dirk Michaelis, the 17 Hippies, Magda Piskorczy, Hu-Lu-Si, Lutz Glandien and Robin Hemingway. He has published books and CDs and is co-initiator of the campaign Musik 2020 Berlin and the Musik Board Berlin.

Sören contributes to EoI in Berlin.

Compositions associated with Sören Birke:

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