Ambience / Disruptions

by Adam Basanta 2016/2018

Duet for trombone and French horn, 2 body suits, (optional: two additional performance-directors with iPads)


Performers sound producing actions are partially controlled through continuous analog indicators on the leg modules.

Additionally, the belt module may provides movement instructions (triggered by two additional off stage performers) – or performers can move on their own in the space. As performers move through the space, they interact with 3 pre-determined spatial scores: regions of the room which correspond to a particular interval or or interval combination. These spatial scores must be memorized.

Musical attributes which are not specified by the suit (dynamics, timbre etc) are to be
improvised, although a general ambient character should be maintained.

At three distinct instances, the back module will provide an iconic cue followed by a “count-in” bar of 4/4 in a random tempo. Following the count-in bar, a pre-composed phrase is played by the performers in unison. Following the unison phrase, performers move to the next spatial score.


AmbienceDisruptions instructions

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