New Video of Adam Basanta’s Installation “The sound of empty space.”

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A new video of Adam Basanta‘s installation “The sound of empty space” filmed by Emily Gan.

“The sound of empty space” explores relationships between microphones, speakers, and surrounding acoustic environment through controlled, self-generating microphone feedback.

By amplifying and aestheticizing the acoustic inactivity between technological “inputs” and “outputs” – stand-ins for their corporeal correlates, the ear and mouth – the notion of causal sound producing object is refuted; we are listening to the empty space between components of flawed communication systems.

Through a series of new, interrelated works, sound is revealed not as an object or autonomous event, but a product of a complex, interdependent system of relations. 

Uphonias Symposium will be live streamed!

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On March 6, matralab hosts a one-day symposium focused on utopian ideas about sound art in landscape contexts. The event includes ten poster presentations of utopian environmental sound art projects, a keynote by Walter Boudreau and a performance of Julian Klein’s piece “Interpreters IV” by The Montréal Sound.

If you can’t be with us in Montreal, we’re happy to announce that you can still join us on the live feed from 9am to 5pm!

You can find the lifestream here:

For more information about the symposium, visit

Location Change: Let This Sound Slowly Dissipate” Concert

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Please note that we’ve had a location change for the March 6 “Let This Sound Slowly Dissipate” concert. The concert location was originally advertised as Places des Arts. The performance will now take place at La Cinémathèque québécoise, 335 Boul de Maisonneuve E at 6pm.  

The event listing has been updated with the proper location.

We hope to still see you there!

Adam Basanta on CKUT’s “Underground Sounds”

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February 16, 20 h @ CKUT, 90.3 FM

On February 16, Adam Basanta will be interviewed on CKUT’s  “Underground Sounds” by Nick Schofield. Adam will be discussing the release of his new album “memory is the residue of thought” and his upcoming installation “The sound of empty space” at Galerie B312. The show also features a live performance from a project Adam is currently working on.

Tune in to CKUT on 90.3 FM from Montreal, or stream the show live here.

Adam Basanta releases “Memory is the residue of thought”

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Adam Basanta, matralab Research Coordinator, recently released an eight-track electroacoustic album titled “Memory is the residue of thought” on K o h l e n s t o f f records.

Basanta is a composer and media artist, whose work traverses electroacoustic and instrumental composition, audiovisual installations, site- specific interventions, laptop performance, and dynamic light design. He frequently explores notions of listening and audiovisual perception, the re-animation of quotidian objects, and the articulation of site and space.

Listen to Basanta’s album here, and be sure to check out the video below to hear about the composer’s inspirations and creative process.