matralab is a research space of inter-x art directed by Sandeep Bhagwati at Concordia University in Montréal. We are dedicated to using interdisciplinary art practice to bridge the gap between emerging art forms and their aesthetic reflection.

Our research is leading to the establishment of a practical and theoretical framework for the creation and evaluation of interdisciplinary, intercultural, intermedia and interactive art.



tunnel – A tender proposition to the din

Sounding the City 003: Guelph

Deborah Carruthers presents her work Slippages with the UBC Orchestra

Anthropolies Imaginaires : Additional Performance Tonight!

Ecstasies of Influence : Call for Artistic Collaboration

À Chaque Ventre Son Monstre

Anthropologies Imaginaires

Max Stein at Laboratory Residency


Peter von Tiesenhausen: Songs for Pythagoras

Reservoir at TRUCK Gallery, Calgary

Gabriel Dharmoo’s upcoming projects and documentation

Chambre d’écoute by Chantale Laplante


Treatises on Trans-Traditional Aesthetics

Navid Navab mini-tour in Europe

Michal Seta releases album on Silent Records

Lisboa Soa festival

Gabriel Dharmoo Winner of the 2017 Student Composer Composition


Interview for Séquence


Conference TENOR 2017 – Technologies of Notation and Representation

Performance of Sutra

Study Day on intercultural music: Bali-Quebec and Beyond

Gabriel Dharmoo Interview For Voir

Sandeep Bhagwati’s Interview for LARA Magazine

Magella Skerritt Quartet at Upstairs

In The Belly

MNM: Rust

MNM: Budding Composers

Contemporary Musical Horizons

Beta Lyræ: Nebulae

NO HAY BANDA #3 : Elena Rykova + Frechette/Primard

Clash! Generationen – Kulturen – Identitäten in Neuer Musik

MNM Festival

matralab honorable mention

ECHOLOT at miss hecker

Jaali & Bacon

Ghent & Bochum

Ecstasies of Influence Concert

matralab explore – Ecstasies of Influence – Music as Conceptual Art

matralab explore – Hit Match. A Bodysuit Game Score for 2 Percussionists

The Centre for Expanded Poetics presents a sound poetry performance by Traghetto Nuovo

matralab explore – The Live Structures project – Interactive Graphic Scores

matralab explore: Pierre Michaud

International Summer Course for New Music

Improvisation: Philosophical Re-Scriptions

TENOR 2018: Int’l Conference on Technologies for Music Notation & Representation

TENOR 4th International Conference:Technologies of Notation and Representation