425th Anniversary Event @ the Athenaeum Stade

Athenaeum Stade

June 15, 2013 ― June 16, 2013

For the 425th anniversary of Sandeep Bhagwati’s highschool, the Athenaeum Stade, he was asked to contribute an event. Sandeep wrote a 65 minute long cantata called “Stundenplan (Curriculum)”, 12 movements, each based on one of the subjects taught in school (e.g. Physics, Latin, French, History etc), which will be performed by several choirs and an orchestra composed of alumni and current students. And, in a year-long workshop process with the students of the school, they developed “Raumgeschichten”(Histories of Rooms and Spaces), a discursive art installation in 14 rooms of the oldest building of the school, telling stories, showing artefacts and performing memories of the life of this school throughout the last 4 centuries.