ALVIN Reflections & Refractions Around the Work of Alvin Lucier

EV S3-845 Concordia University

November 12, 2017


ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN: Reflections and Refractions Around the Work of Alvin Lucier
Sunday, Nov 12, 2017
EV Building
Performance Installations
SANDEEP BHAGWATI – VILLANELLES DE VOYELLES (wide version) Comprovisation for four voices and audioscores.
NAVID NAVAB – ​tangibleFlux (prototype no.2)
JULIAN KLEIN – BRAIN STUDY (Headphone Version)

7:00pm – 7:30pm
Fine Arts Black Box EV S3-845 – Interactive Performance
Installation-Concert for solo musician, bodysuitscore, 4 iPad audience conductors and live-electronics

Fine Arts Black Box EV S3-845 – Lecture/Introduction
Dieter Mersch – From Science to Art.
Alvin Lucier’s Experimental Compositions as Artistic Research

8pm -10pm
Fine Arts Black Box EV S3-845 – Concert
Ever Present Orchestra
The Ever Present Orchestra is dedicated to the presentation of the exceptional work of Alvin Lucier. The orchestra attempts to make Lucier’s beating-pattern-focused instrumental music approachable to a wide audience with its uncommon instrumentation of four electric guitars, three saxophones, four violins, and piano. Along with classical musicians, the presence of prominent Lucier interpreters such as Stephen O’Malley and Oren Ambarchi allows for the ensemble to appeal to a wider audience than the conventional contemporary music scene.
The Orchestra was founded by Bernhard Rietbrock during the 85th Birthday Festival of Alvin Lucier at the Zurich University of the Arts. It was named after Lucier’s composition ‘Ever Present’ (2002). Its unusual instrumentation came about as a result of the adaption for electric guitars of the Lucier piece Hannover (2015). Alvin Lucier kindly supports this initiative, was involved in the naming of the Ever Present Orchestra, and has recently composed a new piece for the ensemble titled “Semcircle” (2017).


Electric Guitars: Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O ́Malley, Bernhard Rietbrock, Gary Schmalzl, Jan Thoben
Piano: Felix Profos Saxophones: Charles Hon Sun NG, Joan Jord Oliver Arcos, Valentine Michaud Violins: Fabienne Früh, Nora Peterhans, Rebecca Thies, Isak Rikhardsson, Christina-Maria Moser

A presentation by ZHDK Zurich University of Arts, matralab, Hexagram Network, Le Parc and Milieux