Amir Amiri : The Chromatic Santur


March 16, 2016

4-7pm, 8-9:30pm

March 16, 4-7pm [Workshop] & 8-9:30pm [Concert]


Composer’s Workshop, Discussion and Solo Concert

The santur is a 72-string dulcimer, a core instrument of Persian classical music, played with delicate wooden ‘hammers’. The Composers Workshop in the afternoon will focus on a newly developed type of fully chromatic santur – Amir Amiri would like to invite interested composers to write new repertoire for his novel instrument. The workshop will involve an introduction to and a demo of the chromatic santur, followed by discussions of compositional ideas, novel scores for the santur, as well as connecting the santur to live-media. Composers are cordially encouraged to attend and learn about this instrument – and feel inspired.

After this workshop, Amir will showcase the traditional modal santur in an intimate matralab evening concert.