Cumulonimbus @ matrabox (Elektra)


May 01, 2013 ― May 04, 2013

An audio installation by Kathy Kennedy and Julian Stein. The name “Cumulonimbus” refers to rain clouds and hints at the thematic material of the piece. A constantly changing gust of rain and wind soars into the spectator’s ear as he/she navigates through the darkened gallery space. The weather transforms into the whispered words of the final soliloquy of Macbeth, “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.” This famous text has been associated with the inevitability of fate (signified by nature) and the repercussions of one’s actions. Two statuesque bowls are filled with money and water, tempting the spectator to “get their hands wet” and grab the coins.
A Holosonics audio spotlight (ultrasonic speaker) is attached to a dmx controlled pan tilt motor. Through video camera tracking, the motor moves the speaker, locating and following spectators throughout the room, whispering into their ear.