Curating Musicking as a Mode of Wakefulness in Interesting Times

Akademie der Künste Berlin and/or online

September 26, 2020

The symposium “Curating Diversity in Europe”, taking place online (September 25, 2020) and offline (May 2021), offers a platform for keeping the discourse on diversity in contemporary music in Europe alive, developing potentials for transformation during a time of limited international encounters and swelling nationalistic currents. The focus of the symposium is on processes and profiles of curating that critically question power structures and Eurocentric patterns of thought, to implement political, collective or participatory strategies in the curatorial decision-making process. Keynotes by Du Yun and Sandeep Bhagwati will be followed by panel discussions on emancipation, decolonisation and “looted music”.

Sandeep’s keynote will be entitled “Curating Musicking as a Mode of Wakefulness in Interesting Times” and will discuss the potential of curating music as an agent for resilience and counter-action in a time of political, climatic and viral crises.

The symposium is planned in a hybrid format. All content (keynotes, panels, chats and networking) will be transmitted live to onsite participants at the Akademie der Künste, and simultaneously via internet to an online audience; content will continue to be accessible after the symposium as online video documentation.