[Dé]-territorialité – mémoire des déplacements

Centre d’exposition L’Imagiere (Gatineu, QC)

October 12, 2012 ― May 01, 2013

The exhibition [Dé]-territorialité – mémoire des déplacements presents three artists—Lenka Novakova, Gisela Restrepo and Pavitra Wickramasinghe—and their personal relationship to mobility and exile. All three were born outside Canada but have chosen to call it home and a place in which to create. They share their unique migration experiences through their artwork. The exhibition features these stories of identity that explore the concept of movement both literally and metaphorically. [Dé]-territorialité – mémoire des déplacements stems from a reflection on the mobility of contemporary artists. International travel and movement have always been an integral part of the artistic career. Around the globe, artists, motivated by the opportunity to learn and grow, consider world travel as an essential stage in their artistic development. Accessible and modern means of transportation, the globalization of the art market and the visibility potential offered by the Internet have altered artists’ perception of foreign travel. For several contemporary artists, transatlantic movement has become synonymous with creation.