Explorations of Shadows and Echoes: Racines Éphémères, Gestes Déplacées and Lamentations

L'auditorium du Centre d'archives de Montréal at the BAnQ (Montréal)

March 12, 2012 ― October 01, 2012


In his lecture, interspersed with music, gestures and moving images, Sandeep Bhagwati will tell the funny story of a creative process about displacement that itself has been repeatedly displaced, shadowed and echoed into different artistic languages – what began as a music project mutated into a gestural theatre piece, and finally the installation we can currently see at the BANQ from March 6 to April 1. His talk will touch on his feelings of being in a strange movie when he auditioned young Montreal actors for a show, but also of the ways the “tyranny of intimacy” we all experience from the media around us can cloud important political and social issues he thinks art must explore.

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L’auditorium du Centre d’archives de Montréal at the BAnQ
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