Inter-Traditional Urban Music: Talk @ CNMN Forum Ottawa

Freimann Hall, Perez Building (uOttawa)

January 15, 2016

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM

At the annual Forum of the Canadian New Music Network in Ottawa, Sandeep Bhagwati, Kiya Tabassian and Jonathan Goldman will present a conversation on the Sound of Montréal project. All these projects are supported by a major FRQSC Research-Creation grant until 2017.

The musicians in Sound of Montréal come from Iranian, Rwandan, Turkish, and Indian traditions as well as from musique actuelle, contemporary art music, electro-acoustic music and jazz, but they all live in Montréal. Sound of Montréal develops its music both by individual and collective creation, and it only plays pieces developed during the workshops. Closely observed by a team of researchers at universities in Montréal, Oxford, and Berlin, this ensemble project asks questions about the uniqueness and transferability of collective creations, about the specific histories of globalization in major cities – and will ask whether the future of new music must not trancend its eurological heritage and social context.

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