HKW, Berlin

January 11, 2019 ― January 12, 2019

Two concerts and public rehearsals in the context of the grand opening of
THE NEW ALPHABET, a large scale programme at the HKW exploring new kinds of and approaches to knowledge in the arts and beyond.
Miyagi Haikus, a comprovisation score I wrote in 2011, will be presented unde my musical direction by Ensemble Extrakte: Cathy Milliken (oboe, recitation),Wu Wei (sheng), Ravi Srinivasan (tabla, indian vocals),  Sören Birke (harmonica, duduk), Klaus Janek (double bass)  and with renowned guests Jieun Kang (haegum), Gabriel Dharmoo (extended voice), Matthias Bauer (double bass), Peter Evans (trumpet), Dave Taylor & Felix Del Tredici (bass trombone), as well as the Open Music Quartett Stuttgart: Scott Roller (violoncello), Jürgen Kruse (piano),  Felix Borel (violin), Michael Kiedaisch (percussion).
New Cycles of Poems in reaction to the music for this project were written by Monika Rinck, Yoko Tawada, Ranjit Hoskote, Christian Filips, Lance Olsen and Yang Lian.
A project curated and directed by Sandeep Bhagwati
This event also marks the launch of a double album “Sandeep Bhagwati: Miyagi Haikus” with 5 different versions of this score by 5 soloists and ensembles on the label dreyer gaido.