Ludwig & Mae

Librairie le Port de tĂȘte

November 08, 2016

5 p.m to 7 p.m

Resolutely exploded, the three parts that make up this collection are a real cry from the heart of a generation in disarray, which seeks to change the world, even in the Challenge Convention.

Litter . A couple argues, it is the end, or almost: it was not until the morning. In bed, Ludwig Mae and love and are torn between memories and fantasies. Will join the Chinese delivery man, who is caught in the game.

Reminder . Mae part, Ludwig finds himself alone with his demons and his answering machine. Surrounded by a pope among others, of a fallen muse and cow Giacometti, he then tries to escape the influence of the outside world, even finish once and for all with this one.

Resurrect . Ludwig was found dead in his bath in an unlikely staging. Mae delivers a monologue in which she recalls the last moments, regret, blame, too, and trying to revive one last time, his dead love.