November 05, 2014


On Wednesday November 5 from 5pm to 7pm (17h-19h), matralab will again host another explore meeting.


Noah Drew is a voice and communication coach, teacher, actor, composer/sound designer and theatre artist, and current full-time faculty at Concordia University’s Theatre department. He will speak about his current project Tiny Music (working title), a work of experimental narrative-based musical theatre. Tiny Music tells the story of an autistic man, who as a result of sensory-processing atypicality, is mesmerized, distracted, and intoxicated by tiny sonic details in his environment which are unnoticed by others; everyday sounds sometimes occur for him as music.

Throughout the piece, the audience experiences Ezra’s unique auditory world through a highly detailed, multilayered soundscore involving elements of sound design, spoken text, songs, electroacoustic & conventional instrumentation, and real-time digital manipulation.

As he works on a new version of this work, Noah is interested in enhancing several aspects of the technological interactivity of the piece, and would like to gather the perspectives of members of the matralab community.

Mara Marxt Lewis is a curator driven by transforming concepts into realization, drawing on her background as both artist and designer. She will discuss two current artistic projects. The first, sum total, is a collaborative performance/installation that explores art creation as its subject matter: from inspiration, to the working artist, to the audience, this artwork maps out a three-dimensional, life-size diagram through which viewers may wander and wonder. The second, shape up & ship out is an international touring exhibition featuring the artwork of American, Canadian, and European artists. Two wooden crates- one from North America, one from Europe- trace the same path from city to city. At each showing, the portable exhibition crates open and unfold, revealing the artwork inside. After making the trip through Canada and the U.S., the two crates will find their way to Vienna, Austria, where a final exhibition will recount and celebrate their journey.

About matralab explore:

matralab explore is an informal meeting among matralab associates and friends where one or two of us talk about a research project, a composition or a text or a work of art or a software that they are currently working on (no finished work) and for which they would welcome some productive feedback from the diverse matralab community.

As space is limited, please RSVP to before noon on Wednesday the 5th.

If possible, please bring some munchies and/or a bottle (juice/water/wine etc.)