November 26, 2014


On Wednesday, November 26, matralab will host a special edition of matralab explore.

Brainstorming a new MFA program for interdisciplinary performance-creation

The three performing arts departments, Music, Theatre, and Dance, currently have no dedicated graduate program. Efforts are underway to get a program up and running within the next three years. We invite all important stakeholders – especially students, but also faculty and independent artists from the community at large – to discuss the following questions with the program committee that will draft the application for this new program:

  1. What expectations do students have for an interdisciplinary performance-creation program? Would students rather expand their skill set to include other art forms, collaborate with other artists, or focus on artistic research or research about art making? Would they prefer to contribute to a collective artistic research project or focus on their own individual work?
  2. What courses, methods, and tutorials should be offered in the program?
  3. How could the program be organized to balance theoretical knowledge, developing practical skill sets, and doing creative work and research?

Feel free to bring along interested friends. As space is limited, please RSVP to before noon on Wednesday the 26th.

If possible, please bring some munchies and/or a bottle (juice/water/wine, etc).