matralab explore : Jeremy Dutcher

matralab EV 4.520

November 02, 2016


We will be hosting a matralab explore session this Wednesday, November 2 at 5-7 pm at matralab (EV 4.520).
We are pleased to welcome Toronto based composer and vocal artist Jeremy Dutcher who will be speaking about his work.
For those of you who are new to these sessions – matralab explore is a series of 5 a 7 events where artist-researchers will present their thoughts on a work in progress. The series was conceived as an open and supportive forum to discuss artistic issues around a current project with peers. We have experienced many memorable evenings of discussion and collegiality. Snacks and beverages are usually provided, but BYO is always welcome.

Jeremy Dutcher is a Toronto based composer and vocal artist. His music merges the worlds of  traditional Wolastoq chant and classical chamber music. His latest project, Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (Our Maliseet Songs), is a project that is part research, part composition and performative. It reimagines anthropological wax cylinder recordings taken amongst the Wolastoq people in 1907.

Some questions he will bring to the session:

What is pan-indigeneity? How does it manifest in contemporary Wolastoq music making? What led to loss of song and language loss among the Wolastoq? What means do we have to revitalize it? What does it mean for contemporary indigenous artists to engage with archives? What is repatriation? Are artists able to become (re)interpreters when archives are concerned? Do composers and researchers have the same license?