matralab explore: Vanessa Massera


January 15, 2020


We will be hosting a matralab explore session on Wednesday, January 15th at 5-7 pm at matralab (EV 4.502).
We are pleased to welcome Vanessa Massera who will be speaking about her work.
For those of you who are new to these sessions – matralab explore is a series of 5 a 7 events where artist-researchers will present their thoughts on a work in progress. The series was conceived as an open and supportive forum to discuss artistic issues around a current project with peers. We have experienced many memorable evenings of discussion and collegiality.
Primarily electroacoustic music, Vanessa Massera’s research specializes in the interaction between the artist and the communities with which they interact. She explores various methods of integrating different media and explores the different meanings and implications of environment within and without music.
As an artist, Vanessa Massera is fascinated by the manifestations of serendipity in life. Originating from Montréal, she specialized in electroacoustic music, a medium she now uses as a means to express poetic ideas whilst being anchored in the many different spaces and cultural environments she is inspired by. Her works have been performed amongst others at the ZKM (DE), NWEAMO Festival (JP/US), EMUFest (IT), Miso Music (PT), NYCEMF (US), TES (CA), Ai-Maako (CL), FRST (SE), MOKS (EE) and one of her latest works has received the JTTP Canadian Electroacoustic Award. She now works in Stockholm as a freelance composer and performer.