Musicking the Body Electric: The First Year Compositions


November 04, 2015


In this four year research-creation project, also dubbed the body:suit: score project, a multi-university, multi-disciplinary team (Joanna Berzowska, Concordia; Marcelo Wanderly, McGill; Isabelle Cossette, McGill) develops a body suit that can serve as a score to musicians, using up to 32 vibrating actuators – and composers with a diverse range of musical aesthetics then write pieces to be performed with this suit.  After the first year, Julian Klein (Berlin) and I have written pieces for solo performers Sarah Albu and Felix del Tredici – observers and commentators are invited to come and see/hear these pieces and engage in a critical discussion with the research team on future possibilities.

Sandeep’s piece will also be performed on Nov 6 as part of the Learning. Teaching and Music Technology conference at McGill University.