NO PERSON DETECTED – A conference by Deborah Carruthers

August 27, 2021


Multidisciplinary Artist and Composer Deborah Carruthers will be presenting her latest works and research findings at this Friday’s Virtual Conference (1:00 pm EDT): NO PERSON DETECTED


Carruthers is a current and active collaborator within the matralab projects. Her research activity encompasses a wide variety of subjects such as environmental concerns, sound, music, temporal perspectives, changing spaces and more.


On NO PERSON DETECTED, Carruthers will be exposing her findings related to the properties of glaciers -from a philosophical, anthropological, and physical perspective- and their influence on her graphic score: slippages.


The conference will take place this Friday, August 27th, 2021 at 1:00 pm EDT, and it is possible to register and attend it HERE!