Poems and Tunings – Ensemble Extrakte (World premiere)

KuLe, Berlin

December 13, 2015

In the 5th concert program, Bhagwati explores the complex interplay of language and musical tradition with Catherine Milliken, Deniza Popova, Jieun Kang, Klaus Janek, Sören Birke, Gregor Schulenburg and Farhan Sabbagh.

This concert is part of a long-term international research-creation project of Bhagwati’s, exploring the globalized sound of three cities – Montreal, Berlin and Pune. In many workshops, try-outs and rehearsals, multi-traditional ensembles in each city take their time to discover each other’s music and, through collaborative creations, develop their own unique music. Partner Ensembles are the Sound of Montreal and the Sangeet Prayog Ensemble Pune.

For more info: http://kunsthauskule.de/ (Berlin)

Ensemble Extrakte is an ensemble of inter-traditional musicians that Bhagwati founded with Elke Moltrecht in 2013.