Sandeep Bhagwati’s talk/debate table – Instituto Katarina Gurska Madrid

September 03, 2021 ― September 05, 2021

On September 4th & 5th, multiple award-winning composer, poet, academic researcher and matralab director Sandeep Bhagwati will be participating in the First International Congress on the Intersection of Art, Society and Technology in Musical Innovation at the Instituto Katarina Gurska (Madrid).

The Congress is intended to expose the intersections, relationships and affectations between the technologies -within societies- and the arts. Focusing on topics such as music, culture, emerging pedagogies, the new digital era, artificial intelligence, transdisciplinary arts, and others…, the Congress will present a series of talks and debate tables.


On this framework, Sandeep Bhagwati will present twice:

– On a 90 minute panel on ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ( Sep 4 @ 18:30h CEST).

– In a 30 min conversation with Gerriet K. Sharma on MUSIC AND SOCIETY (Sep 5 @ 13h CEST).

It is possible to access this virtual series of conferences here.


*The conferences will be streamed live and released to be accessed, after some time, as video on the website.*

**Sandeep Bhagwati’s Biography on the Congress website: