Symposium “Composers – an endangered species ?” 

Agora Hydro Quebec

February 27, 2019


Feb 27, Montréal, Agora Hydro Quebec, Chaufferie  9-18h
Symposium “Composers – an endangered species ?” 
This past fall, we sent around a survey in the new music community about questions they would like to ask about the changing context of musical creation in the light of cultural globalisation, artificial intelligence, gender studies etc. We also asked them who in Montréal should give short impulse statements. 60 respondents filled out this survey and thus curated this event. 12 crowd-selected speakers will respond to the 9 most desired questions. This symposium in the context of Montréal Nouvelles Musiques was initiated by Sandeep Bhagwati and co-directed by Patrick St. Denis, Charles Antoine Frechette, Danick Trottier and Jonathan Goldman.