TURBULENZEN Symposium: New Roots for New Music

Radialsystem V Berlin, Saal

December 10, 2017


New Roots for New Music

Symposium, December 10, 2017

curated by Sandeep Bhagwati


“New Music” was born in the 20th century as a eurocentric movement with the intent to conquer the world – and to occupy the future of music. But in the 21st century, we begin to understand that this  “eurological” new music was just one tradition among many – and that the future of music will rather emerge from ear-to-ear conversations between a variety of coequal traditions. In this symposium, musicians, musicologists, listeners, thinkers will engage with the sonic realities and the dreams of those whose New Music draws on manifold roots.


Prof. Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University), Prof. Dr. Christian Utz, composer, musicologist (Kunstuniversität Graz), Harry Lehmann, music philosopher (Berlin), Nina Polaschegg, music journalist (Austrian Radio ORF Wien), Gabriel Dharmoo, singer, composer (Montréal), Matthias R. Entreß, music journalist (Berlin) Prof. Sameer Dublay, singer, composer (Flame University Pune), Dr. Julie Delisle, musicologist (Wien/Montréal), Prof. Sandeep Bhagwati, composer, researcher (Concordia University Montréal/Berlin), Stefan Östersjö, musician, researcher (Lund University Malmö), Prof. Il-Ryun Chung, composer (Akademie der Tonkunst Darmstadt), Artyom Kim, conductor (Omnibus Ensemble Taschkent), Nguyen Thanh Thuy, musician, music researcher (Hanoi/ Lund University Malmö), Jakhongir Shukur, composer (Tashkent), Katja Heldt, musicologist (Humboldt University Berlin), Dr. Elke Moltrecht (Akademie der Künste der Welt, Cologne)

Both events at the Radialsystem V Berlin are part of “TURBULENZEN – International Festival for Current Intercultural Music”