“ville étrange”

Oldenburg, Morgenland Festival

June 15, 2019

June 15, 2019 Oldenburg, Morgenland Festival
“ville étrange”
in 2014, together with Kiya Tabassian, I co-founded the trans-traditional ensemble “Sound of Montréal”  as an experimental side project of his “Ensemble Constantinople”. Over years of research-creation, we developed a project that took Claude Viviers composition “…et je reverrai cette ville étrange…”(1981) and transformed, expanded and interpreted it through the lens of a trans-traditional ensemble. After several successful tours in Canada, this concert kicks off our first tour in Europe. It also marks the launch of the album “ville étrange”, an edited live-recording of this project in Montréal, on dreyer gaido records.
    • Nota Bene: By June, I also hope to see the release of my next album “Atish-e-Zaban”, one hour of music for 6 voices a cappella on poems by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, sung by the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and slated to appear on mode records New York. This album gone through a long legal and administrative process since the NVS recorded the piece in 2014 – and I hope to finally hold the album in my hands this coming year- with a wonderful cover by miniature artist Muhammad Imran Qureshi.