VIRELAIS FOR VIRUS DAYS – A Series of Compositions by Sandeep Bhagwati

June 11, 2021 ― June 12, 2021

By thinking about new possibilities for musicians to carry out their artistic activities during difficult times as well as aiming to explore new alternatives for performing in private and reduced spaces,… composer, researcher and media artist Sandeep Bhagwati wrote a series of musical works in the course of his own time in isolation at the first months of the current pandemic.

The results of Bhagwati’s developments and ideas are his compositions “VIRELAIS FOR VIRUS DAYS” that will be premiered this weekend, June 11th (8 p.m. EST), and June 12th (8 p.m. EST)!

Don’t miss the chance to be one of the first to listen to these fantastic musical pieces!



***June 11th (8 p.m. EST)***

  • – The Poet Thinks for Singing Pianist (Lara Dodds-Eden, piano and voice)
  • – Archipelago for a wind instrument (Colleen Cook, clarinet)
  • – Idiorrythmia for asynchronous string ensemble (Lydia Munchinsky, cello; Amahl Arulanadam, cello)


***June 12th (8 p.m. EST)***

  • – Virelai for voice and drone (Sheila Jaffe, voice and violin)
  • – Restlessness for percussion solo (David Schotzko, percussion)
  • – Circular Thinking (Stephen Sitarski, violin; Lydia Munchinsky, cello; Colleen Cook, clarinet)


Note: These concerts were pre-recorded for broadcast.


* Additionally, it is possible to watch a preview interview with the author and composer –Sandeep Bhagwatihere and read the following article (pp. 12-15) about his works.