Webern Clockwork: 12h Durational Performance

matralab - EV 4.520 - Concordia University (Montréal)

September 15, 2015

6am - 6pm

Sep 15 will be the 70th anniversary of composer Anton Webern’s accidental death, shot in Mittersill/Austria by an American GI after the end of the war while out for a smoke. My friend Karlheinz Essl has written a little software clock that chimes in a Webern series every quarter of an hour. I will sit and write and talk and compose, share Austrian food and wine and perhaps even go out for a smoke. At times, musician friends may visit me and improvise on Weberns melodies. Everyone is welcome to come and talk to me. Take a card on entry: conversation subjects can include anything from serial dodecaphony to military occupations, from cigarettes to compressed emotions, from art in dictatorships to the beautiful valley of Mittersill, where 11 years ago I composed two works you can also sometimes hear in the background, alternating with random remixes of Weberns Music. No action lasts longer than 15 minutes, all awkward turns will be saved by the bell.

Sep 15, 2015 – 6am to 6pm matralab – EV 4.520 Concordia University, Montréal