Adam Basanta’s “Louder than a beating heart” in Finland

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Louder than a beating heart
Solo exhibition.
Titanik Galleria, Turku, Finland

Opening Oct 19 18h, exhibition runs Oct 20-25, 2015

Louder than a beating heart is a collection of new sound works investigating amplification as both conceptual subject matter and primary production technique. Each work strives to complicate, in its own way, the manners in which amplification operates in the acoustic, social, political, and personal spheres of life.

Through a series of works developed during a two-month residency at Titanik Gallery, amplification itself is interrogated as an intertwined acoustic-social-technological phenomena, allowing contemplation of processes of sound reproduction and their effect on social relations and the experience of listening.

Through the amplification of physical relations, technological artifacts, and naive sentiment, sound and listening are observed as both isolated phenomena and carriers of content.

Pictures and video soon!