Carte blanche a Chantale Laplante

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Composer Chantale Laplante presents an intriguing program of voice, clarinet, percussion, and electronic performances. The program will feature three pieces: Morton Feldman’s Bass Clarinet and Percussion , Magnus Lindberg’s Ablauf, and Chantale Laplante’s world premiere of Haiti, Haiti. Laplante’s piece was composed during her recent artist residency at matralab.

Emilie Laforest – Soprano
Lori Freedman – Clarinet
Eric Derr + Aiyun Huang – Percussion

Wednesday, August 25 19:30

Conservatoire de musique
4750 Henri-Julien (M├ętro Mont-Royal)
12$/7$ (students, artists, seniors)

Chantale Laplante is an artist-in-residence at matralab.