Collaborative Performance Art in Search of Beauty and Home

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On March 28, 2012, Devora Neumark will be a guest presenter at the Culture and Community Researcher’s Network (Melbourne). Using the series of community live art events she has convened over the past several years as case studies, her talk — entitled Collaborative Performance Art in Search of Beauty and Home: Making a Case for Participatory Research and Co-creativity — will focus on the relationship between the aesthetics, politics and ethics of co-emergent research/creation projects.

The Culture and Community Researchers’ Network is a partnership between the Cultural Development Network (CDN) and Victorian College of the Art and Music’s Centre for Cultural Partnerships PhD students. It brings together researchers from Victorian universities who are interested in cultural development, social change, creative methodologies, artistic intervention, and/or community research themes. It provides opportunities for presentation and discussion of new research in an informal and supportive collegial environment for students and by students.

Devora Neumark is PhD student at matralab.

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