Conferences / April 2008

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Between April 18 and April 29, matralab director Sandeep Bhagwati is attending three international workshops and panels.

From April 18- 20 Bhagwati is part of a small number of high-level researchers and composers worldwide to be invited to the annual edition of the “Music+Technology Incubator” -Workshop.

This workshop is a meeting where the future directions of music technology and the aesthetic question of computer music are adressed in 2 intense days of brainstorming and free discussions.

Invited by Stephen McAdams from CIRMMT (McGill), participants include composers Roger Reynolds, Rand Steiger (both UCSD), Hans Tutschku (Harvard), Trevor Wishart (Durham), Robert Normandeau (UdeM) and developers such as Miller Puckette (Max and pd), Jean Piche (TamTam), David Wessel (Berkeley) as well as number of graduate students, among the matralab Ph.D. research assistant D.Andrew Stewart

From April 23-26 he will be on the music panel of the Goethe-Institute international and multidisciplinary conference on German national culture and its role in a changing and globalized world. Other panelists will include Wladimir Tarnopolski (Moscow Conservatoire), Jean Jeacques Nattiez (UdeM), Christian Kaden (Humboldt University Berlin), as well as Nike Wagner (Weimar) and renowned music journalists Claus Spahn and Wolfgang Fuhrmann.

On April 28 and 29 he will speak at an international workshop “Creative Dissonances” at Heidelberg University, a workshop on the re-definition of intercultural musicology and inter-cultural composition.

Workshop members include Nimrod baranovitch (University of Haifa), Krishna Bisht (University of Delhi), Hermann Gottschewski (University of Tokio), Rachel Harris (SOAS London), Christian Utz (University of Arts Graz), Gert Matthias Wegner (University of Kathmandu / Free University Berlin) and many others.