“Euthymia”, Multi-Channel Installation, in the matralab Black Box

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You are cordially invited to a gathering in the matralab with wine and snacks at 18h00 on Thursday, 30 July. The multi-channel installation, “Euthymia”, will be presented in the adjacent matralab black box. There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the box, nor any outdoor footwear. The piece has a running time of approximately twelve minutes. It will run from 18h30 until 21h30. Hope to see you there! The matralab is located in EV 4.520. Find a map here.

In medicine, euthymia refers to a reasonably happy mood, as opposed to dysthymia, depression.

Kaja Levy is a film/video maker and performer based in Montreal. Her moving image work explores the theatrics of expressing sensitivity. She has presented at the Objet Sonore lecture series, the Academy of Art Video Art, the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Film Pop, and the $100 Film Festival, among elsewhere. She is a matralab research assistant.


Charlie Twitch has created a multi-channel audio installation for “Euthymia”. Charlie is a producer, composer, and visual artist based in Montreal. Their music draws from their work in film and live performances, moving from subtle, minimalist soundscapes to explosive swing inspired passages. Their work has been exhibited across Canada with the RVCQ, CEC, Film Pop, Objet Sonore, Fantasia, and Kino.