How to find room LB 671-1

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LB 671-1 is in the Library Building of Concordia’s downtown campus on de Maisonneuve and Mackay (across de Maisonneuve from the Hall Building).

671-1 is on the sixth floor. You must take the elevator from the ground floor, located outside the Campus Bookstore [However brave, the climber will be unsuccessful to tempt the stairs through the library to the sixth floor. These stairs are abruptly intersected with a glass wall. None shall pass this way.]

The elevator opens on the 6th: head straight, veering left, through the glass corridor that would be the continuation of the library stairs. Continue on straight, towards the “Sortie” sign.

At said “Sortie,” you will turn down the corridor on your right. (This is the first possible corridor on the right.) At the water fountain on your left, you will turn left down a corridor. (This is the first possible corridor on the left.)

Directly ahead of you is a small, half flight of stairs ending at a “T” junction. Climb the stairs and turn right. The first room on your left is our destination: LB 671-1. The first door on the left may be locked, go ahead and try the second door.