Interdisciplinary Art – Practices, Methods, Categories I

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You are invited to a Workshop Discussion on Interdisciplinary Art – Practices, Methods, Categories. This is the first in a series of four, coordinated by Sandeep Bhagwati.

Tuesday Jan 8, 5-10 pm @ matralab Questions about Theoretical and Personal Interdisciplinarity in ArtThe one where we collect background info and identify the current streams of discourse here and now.

In three threads:

Thread I: An open forum for the discussion of burning questions and issues that each participant brings.

Thread II: a discussion of structural issues such as interdisciplinary mapping, interdisciplinarity in the process of making art vs. in the artistic result, and the importance of focal points („Rosetta Stones“) in interdisciplinarity.

Thread III: a sort of collective memory exercise on the discourse and socio-cultural setting around interdisciplinary art in Canada and Quebec (what were the issues, which were previous forum discussions, interdisciplinary organizations, groundbreaking/defining artists/artworks).

Homework: Each participant must bring along a reasoned list of artists, artworks and texts that in their
opinion best represent interdisciplinary art (max 10 items, all categories mixed).
The next workshop, “Questions around the Intermediality of Interdisciplinary Art” will be held Tuesday Jan 15, 5 -10 pm. Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates.