Interdisciplinary Art – Practices, Methods, Categories II

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You are invited to the second Workshop Discussion on Interdisciplinary Art. This is the second of four such workshops, coordinated by Sandeep Bhagwati.

Tuesday Jan 15, 5 -10 pm in LB 671-1 (click here for directions)

Questions around the Intermediality of Interdisciplinary Art

The one where we look at practical solutions, serendipity and the resistance of the medium in making and evaluating Interdisciplinary Art.

Part I Lectures: 2 interdisciplinary artists present their practice
Part II Discussions about issues such as:

Every artist has a „home“ discipline or culture that has conditioned their approach to artmaking – what happens in the application of this „tool set“ to another medium ? What are the hazards of intermedia work and how to counter them –
inefficiency of production, aesthetic misjudgements, suspicions of aesthetic shallowness ? Is there a real difference between intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches – or are both just about learning to work within another context“?

The next workshop, “Questions about Technology, Poetics, Narrativity and Interdisciplinary Aesthetics” will be held Tuesday Jan 22, 5 -10 pm in LB 671-1. Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates