Interdisciplinary Art – Practices, Methods, Categories III

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You are invited to the third Workshop Discussion on Interdisciplinary Art, coordinated by Sandeep Bhagwati.

Tuesday January 22, 5pm – 10pm. LB 671-1 (click here for directions)

Questions about Technology, Poetics, Narrativity and Interdisciplinary Aesthetics

The one where we ask nasty questions about the why and wherefore of Interdisciplinarity in the world of Art.

Part I Lecture: A lecture about the poeto-aesthetical dimensions of Interdisciplinary Art.

Part II Discussion about issues such as:
Is there a difference between newmedia based interdisciplinarity and non-newmedia based approaches? If not, what about the newmedia hype? If yes, what are these differences? Or: What does Interdisciplinary Art accomplish aesthetically that is beyond the means of the mono-disciplinary? Or: Which stories do we tell interdisciplinarily?
The next workshop, “Questions about Interdisciplinary Art in Individualist vs. Sociocultural Contexts ” will be held Thursday Feb 7, 5-10 pm in LB 671-1. Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates.