Juftar, Slaves, Witchcraft

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Contemporary music composer/pianist Farangis Nurulla Khoja will be premiering Juftar in Montpellier, France on March 5, 2010. This work has been written for the National Symphony Orchestra of Montpellier.

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Farangis Nurulla Khoja is an artist-in-residence at matralab.

How Many Slaves Do You Own?

Beginning at 18h00 on Friday March 12, 2010, Engrenage Noir / LEVIER – in collaboration with the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) – will present How Many Slaves Do You Own? Art and the economies of exploitation, past and present, a 3-day exploration of coercive economies operating locally and afar.

The event will take place at the MAI (3680 Rue Jeanne-Mance) with organized site visits to ‘Nigger Rock’, a historical gravesite in St. Armand, Quebec and Old Montreal.

Through a mixture of musical performances, theatre, dance and street art interventions, along with keynote talks and round-table discussions, we will examine the equation between consumer product consumption and exploitation, the impact of trans-Atlantic and Aboriginal slavery in Quebec, the plight of domestic, immigrant and migrant workers in Canada, the prison industrial complex in North America, and the international sex trade and trafficking of women and girls.
In preparation for this event Engrenage Noir / LEVIER commissioned new work from Jason Selman and Chimwemwe Miller; Moe Clark in collaboration with Andy Williams and Jenn Doan; Naila Keleta Mae in collaboration with Rebecca Foon and Pohanna Pyne Feinberg; Melissa Mollen Dupuis and Émilie Monnet; Éric Létourneau; Lynne Cooper; Reena Almoneda-Chang, Pascale Gagnon, Caroline Hudon and Meena Murugesan.
Louise Lachapelle and Devora Neumark will be co-facilitating the event.

A detailed schedule is available upon request.
For more information contact: combiendesclaves@engrenagenoir.ca

Devora Neumark is an artist-in-residence at matralab.

Hypertext and Performance:
A Resonant Response to Joanna Baillie’s Witchcraft

is a three-year FQRSC-funded interdisciplinary theatre project that engages both English romantic literature specialists and contemporary theatre research-creation practitioners in studying, performing, and teaching Joanna Baillie’s gothic play, Witchcraft.

The research-creation component for 2009-2010 includes live performance of six multimedia theatre scenes to be performed during the Congress for Humanities at Concordia’s Hexagram Black Box this May and June 2010.

Three scenes from Joanna Baillie’s play will be interwoven with three contemporary responses to the play, commissioned from three playwrights, Lindsay Wilson (MA Playwriting, Concordia), Joanna Donehower (current MA Playwriting, Concordia), and Patrick Leroux (Artistic Director, Assistant Professor, Concordia). Three directors—Alison Darcy (professional director and actor), Cristina Iovita (professional director and PhD in Humanities student), and Patrick Leroux—are currently rehearsing as autonomous production units in Matralab’s Black Box

Patrick Leroux is a matralab researcher.

Cristina Iovita is an artist-in-residence at matralab.