matralab Informal Internal Study Day 2012

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On Monday, Oct 22, from 1 pm – 5 pm, at matralab, graduate students, as well as two post-doctoral fellows at matralab, will present their artistic work and their research in an informal internal study day.

The presentations will be followed with a small, informal 5 à 7 reception.

We would like to know each other’s work better and discover possible synergies and inspirations, but also perhaps gain some new insights into our own work.

You will be able to encounter the work-in-progress and the thinking of:

Adam Basanta (Masters INDI) “Compositional Strategies in Light and Sound Installations” (Electroacoustic Composition and Light/Sound Installations)

Devora Neumark (PhD HUMA) “Radical Beauty for Troubled Times: Involuntary Displacement and the Making of Home Anew” (Performance Art)

Chantale Laplante (PhD UQAM) “Hyper-Écoute: Aspects du lieu, du son et de la durée dans le contexte de l’art performance” ([Electroacoustic] Composition and Space)

Tzu En Ngiao (PhD HUMA) “Mapping Musical Logic into Narrational Objectives” (Composition/ Music Theory)

Lenka Novak (PhD HUMA) “In-between the Light and Darkness: From Baroque Music to Contemporary Sound” (Sculpture/Light/Space/Music)

Otso Lahdeoja (Postdoc PBEEE) “Structure-borne sound in music and intermedia composition and performance” (Music Technology/Creation)

Marie Hélène Bréault (future PostDoc FQRSC) “De l’interprétation à la création musicale : une démarche inspirée des modes créatifs du théâtre” (Music Interpretation/Creation)