matralab Residency: Linda Bouchard – August 8-25, 2012

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Artist Linda Bouchard, will be in residence at matralab from August 8-25, 2012.

Murderous Little World

Organized around sept poems excerpted from Men in the Off Hours, by Anne Carson, Murderous Little World showcases the Canadian Trio Bellows and Brass with Guy Few, Eric Vaillancourt and Joseph Petric in an evening length bravura performance that has been described as “ …a mesmerizing multi-media combination of music, video and theatre.” by the Record (NUMUS Feb 2011). The artistic team comprises composer Linda Bouchard, Keith Turnbull director and Yan Breuleux, video artist.

Murderous Little World takes as its inspiration the terse yet epic poetic work of Anne Carson. The poems conjure up a textured universe of “little worlds” that span continents, and ages of human existence. Carson’s phrases seem to be made up of fragments or artifacts and point to individuals’ searching for truth against waves of corruption and cruelty. Bouchard’s musical compositions bring to mind the title of Carson’s book, from which the poems are taken and the collegiality, competitiveness and brutality that this title implies.

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Linda Bouchard is an artist in residence at matralab.