Matramath, Are Forests Better Concert Halls?

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Electroacoustic music composer Mathieu Marcoux has created the blog Matramath which he will be updating on a regular basis. This site will be used to document his research projects at matralab.

Mathieu Marcoux is a matralab research associate.

Are Forests Better Concert Halls?

For two days, the renowned experimental filmmaker and interdisciplinary sound artist and publisher Uli Aumüller will show and discuss his work at Concordia. He is in Montreal as a member of the jury at the FIFA Festival for Films on Art.

At matralab, he will present his CDs “Séries Sonores”, a fascinating collection of raw and unedited field recordings made by some of the most renowned sound artists of today. These often hour-long “reality soundworks” cover everything from a sunny cherry tree to Montréal bridges, from Transsylvanian dog packs to a Berlin nightingale song. For matralab, he has created an eight-channel walk-in installation with rotating 10 minute segments from these field recordings. Open on Wednesday March 17 from 10am to 5pm.

Uli Aumüller will also give two talks/screenings in the departments of cinema and music. In his presentations, he will touch on the current revival of experimental radio and experimental documentary film in Germany, on his approach to discursive documentations in both media, on filming old and new music, on nature and music – and on creating “image-tracks” to soundworks. He will engage the students in discussions on sound and moving image, and refer to many short examples from his films “Mon cinema pour l”oreille” (on the acoustic art of Francis Dhomont and Paul Lansky), “Thy Kiss of Divine Nature” (on medieval music) and others.

The complete versions of Aumüller’s films will be screened this fall in a small filmusic festival that will celebrate the arrival of the Concordia music department at its downtown location in the MB building. March. 16th, 2010 at 8:30 pm FB.435, the Faubourg – 1250 Rue Guy, Montréal. SGW campus March. 17th, 2010 at 5:00 pm CC314, 7141 Sherbrooke West, Montréal Loyola campus March. 17th, 2010 at 5:00 pm Installation at the matralab – EV 4.502 1515 rue St. Catherine Ouest, Montréal.