Native Alien, public presentations: New York & Montreal

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Native Alien will see its first public presentations this coming weeks. (see videos of previous musicians working on this project, such as Amelia Cuni, Rohan de Saram, Wu Wei, Dhruba Ghosh, Mike Svoboda and Vinny Golia on the Native Alien Webpage)

On May 18, a matralab team (Sandeep Bhagwati, Navid Navab and Julian Stein) will present a version of Native Alien for comprovising bass clarinet (Lori Freedman), 8 computer-improvisers and interactive scores at the IMPROTECH conference in New York. Sandeep will give a demo and talk about the project at around 3:30pm, and then they will do a performance at 8pm. Both will take place in Columbia University’s Prentis Hall. More about this concert (and the entire highly exciting conference) here.

Only a few days later, on May 24, they will present another version of Native Alien, this time for Disklavier Grand Piano, immersive improvising environment and interactive scores, comprovised by David Rosenboom. The concert will happen in MontrĂ©al, as part of the opening concert of “Comprovisations – Improvisation Technologies for the Performing Arts” (May 24-27, 2012) at Concordia University MontrĂ©al. (for details see website here).

Sandeep Bhagwati is the director of matralab.

Navid Navab and Julian Stein are research associates at matralab.