Navid Navab mini-tour in Europe

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Navid tours his project “Practices of Everday Life | Cooking”


Fall/Winter 2017 – mini European tour

Oct 10, Milano, Italy

Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking

MilanOltre Festival, Teatro Elfo Puccini, 8:30pm

Oct 10, Nantes, France

SonifEye –  presentation/journal-paper

ISMAR – International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

Oct 11, Milano, Italy

Master Class: Improvised Play with Alchemical Matter

DanceHaus, 10 am

Oct 13, Maribor, Slovenia

Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking

Kiblix Festival, KIBLA Portal, 7pm

Oct 18-21, Munich Germany

Sonification of Surgical Procedures Residency

Computer Assisted Medical Procedures Group , TUM

Oct 20, Munich Germany

Presentation/Panel, AR Storytellers teaming up to Transform Lives

AWE – Augmented World Expo, 11:20am

Dec 9 2017 – March 3 2018, Paris, France


NEMO Biennale International Des Arts Numériques