Plant(iPod)Installation at TransLife: Triennial for New Media Art

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Jane Tingley’s Plant(iPod)Installation is presently being exhibited at the TransLife: Triennial for New Media Art curated by Zhang Ga at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.

The second edition of this triennial presents 53 works created by more than 80 artists from twenty countries. The exhibition will also display the work of several emerging artists in a large-scale installation designed by the cutting-edge Chinese architect Ma Yansong. This ambitious undertaking is unquestionably among the most significant media arts events of the year.

Organized around a three part theme, the artistic projects selected for TransLife invite one to reflect on ideas pertaining to life, on ethical questions arising in the field of genetics, on conditions which impact perception and sensory experience, as well as on the ecological solutions which are available to the human species in this era of great challenges.

For the TransLife exhibition, Groupe Molior is presenting three major installations created by Canadian artists: Knight of Infinite Resignation by Diane Landry, Plant (iPod) by Jane Tingley, and JND (Just Noticeable Difference) by Chris Salter in collaboration with Marije Baalman and Harry Smoak.

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Jane Tingley is the matralab coordinator.