Practices of Everyday Life; Day1: Panning @ matrabox

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Last week, Navid Navab, Jerome DelaPierre, and Michael Montanaro spent a week with Toney Chong (chef) in the matrabox working on a project called Practices Of Everyday Life; Day1: Panning

View documentation coming soon.

A performance choreographed around a chef and sonified objects: fruit, vegetables, meat, knives, pots and pans, cutting board and table.

Cooking*, the most ancient art of transmutation, has become over a quarter of a million years an unremarkable, domestic practice. But in this everyday practice, things perish, transform, nourish other things. Enchanting the fibers, meats, wood and metal with sound and painterly light, we stage a performance made from the moves(gestures) of cooking, scripted from the recipes of cuisine both high and humble…