Prof. Dr. Cornelius Pöpel- guest researcher at matralab

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Prof. Dr. Cornelius Pöpel, Lecturer in Sound for Media at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences will be guest researcher at matralab in late September/October 2013.
The research field he will be working on can be described with the words „human aspects in media“ and he is focusing on specific music related intermedia aspects and the impact new technologies have onto the objectives the technologies are built for. Questions that will be addressed are for example:
What qualities do the constraints coming with media technology have and how can humans benefit from those?
How does the broad usage of computing systems and their need of abstraction and formalisation influence human aspects in musical and media based communication?
In contrast to the huge amount of new possibilities new media technology offers for the arts, what new limitations can a broader usage of this technology bring and how could art help to identify and overcome limitations of conceiving and creating art and probably as well: our daily life?
Besides describing the questions, their impact and possibe answers as written text, Dr. Pöpel will work on sound-based reflections with respect to the research topics. He is seeking to get in touch with researchers, artist with similar interests in order to dicuss experiences, opinions and future work.
Furthermore he is looking for researchers/lectures that are interested to come as guest lecturers to Ansbach University and to teach in workshops in the field of multimedia and communication.

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